Monday, 26 October 2015


From the size of a pea to the size of a peach
You are our future, our life, something we can almost reach

Your heart is beating fast, I've seen your tiny face on the screen
Its finally going to be true, the most beautiful dream

You've got a little way to go before you debut on this Earth
but what you've done for us already,  one day you will understand its worth

To know you are growing inside me, two hearts, two chests
I can forget about the fear, sometimes my mind can just rest

When I worry about the future, your first portrait gives me hope
a grainy black and white image, but it helps me to cope

Your daddy calls you baby, he talks to you on a night
You don't need to know about the battle, but you are now the leader of the fight

So if you can hear us my darling, please do listen
remember tears can be happy, you just make our eyes glisten

Stay safe in there, until its time for us to meet
We love you already, our beautiful little peach

Week 13

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