Friday, 30 October 2015

Baby Blue

It's a BOY! 
After weeks of trying to predict the sex of our baby, I couldn't wait any longer and went to a See My Baby Centre at Week 16! 

Between week 12 and week 16 I googled everything imaginable to try and work out the sex. Not because it mattered, we didn't mind either way, I just wanted to start buying things! 
I did Chinese gender predictors, sums, old wives tales.... I even sent the scan off to an online 'Gender prediction specialist' who used the Nub Theory.... Every one of them confirmed our baby would be a GIRL. We knew otherwise though!! 
We picked our names and went off for the scan were were we told, 98% accurately, we did in fact have a baby blue! 

His name will be revealed shortly..... 

Happiness does not even do the feeling justice. It is so exciting to be able to grasp a shining light for our future that can't be taken away. 

Week 16 - 16.10.15

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