Friday, 18 September 2015

The First 'Official' Scan!

Because I couldn't wait any longer for the reassurance I needed, we did go to the See My Baby Centre for our first scan at 10 weeks (and again at 16 weeks!)
At £80 a scan, they aren't cheap, but reassurance is priceless!

The 'Official' scan at the hospital was so exciting. As much as I had previously been calmed down, there is nothing like going to the hospital and having them tell you everything is OK. The experience is so much more real, and just so much fun. I throughly enjoyed every last bit, every having my bloods taken!

The baby wouldn't sit properly to have his/her measurements taken properly, so there was an awful lot of laying down, getting up and leaving the room, and some seriously embarrassing bed wiggling to be done.... but when you get to see your baby on the screen again and again you don't mind one bit!

12 weeks - perfect and a perfect scan picture too!

Week 12 18.09.15

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  1. So so exciting! Do you think you're going to frame them?


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