Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ox Pasture Hall

I was recently kindly invited to stay at Ox Pasture Hall
The invitation came at the most perfect time - we had had a lot on and really were looking forward to escaping for the day and night!
Before we visited, we emailed the team to check the disabled access and were told that there was just a small step to tackle, and that the suite Ox Pasture would like us to stay in had a fully accessible walk in shower too. 
We agreed we would include the access in our review, because just recently quite a lot of people have been in touch with me to ask how myself and Carl manage when we go away. 

Ox Pasture Hall is described as a Luxury country house boutique hotel in Scarborough, perfect for a romantic break or relaxing getaway, and I can confirm this is true! 

We checked in at around 2:15. Carl was waiting in the car, as I was just expecting to get the keys to the room and go back for him.... However, check in was so much better than a standard check in! 
As soon as I arrived, the lady on the desk (I didn't make a note of anyone's names, and I really apologise for this!) welcomed me by name and collected my keys. 
She showed me briefly where the restaurant and bar area was, but then made the effort to come with me to show me the best way to access our room. 
Not only this, we had an afternoon tea booked for 2:30. She quickly suggested changing the time to 3pm, and asked if we would like it bringing to our room instead. The very fact she thought of this was very touching and much appreciated. 

Our first impressions of our King suite were fantastic. We were greeted with stunning views across the 17 acres of beautiful grounds which were littered with beautiful birds.
The living area was spacious and contained a wardrobe holding snug dressing gowns and slippers, as well as water, coffee, tea and biscuits on the dresser.
The bed was huge and open to the living room, without a door - which was great for us and made access perfect. The wheelchair fit through with ease.
Shortly after arriving, a member of staff visited our room to let us know he had attached a removable ramp to the door outside of our room which led to an outside area. He checked we were happy this was here and informed us to find us if we needed any help - again, perfect attention to detail.

Carl struggles to sit on most chairs, but the sofa area was comfortable and supportive for him, which was great - he didn't have to just sit in his wheelchair! 
Afternoon tea arrived at 3pm on the dot, with two members of staff bringing it to the coffee table in the room and setting up the cake stand and tea cups. A review of this food will follow, as with the evening meal it was too beautiful to fit into this piece! 

My favourite thing about Ox Pasture Hall was the bathroom. This is a fairly strong statement, given the beauty of the grounds, the cosiness of the bar and the light airy atmosphere in both the suite and the restaurant.... BUT  I really, really love baths!! 
As we now have a wet room at home, I don't get the chance to have a bath very often so I was over the moon to see such a beautiful bathroom. 
It was absolutely spotless. There was literally not one speck of dirt in the entire room (as was the rest of the suite). The bath had the most perfect waterfall mixer tap and thick white towels were provided. A tiny bath full of products was on the side of the bath, along with cotton wool and tissues too. A note in the guest book suggested that essentials such as shower gel, toothpaste, shaving foam etc. were also available at the reception free of charge to guests. 
As previously mentioned, the walk in shower was perfectly accessible for Carl - though we were also kindly offered a walking frame for the bathroom, and a shower stool, if they had have been required. Again, this was without asking first, it was just pleasantly suggested. 
The only single downside in the bathroom was that there was no rail next to the toilet for a disabled person to stand. But something so small did not effect us! 

The grounds of the hotel were stunning. We stayed on a fairly gloomy day, but everything managed to look beautiful - even when it poured with rain on Sunday morning! 
The grassed areas are surrounded by wide pavements which make all areas accessible, and the walk around the outside of the hotel to the entrance is beautiful. 
You can take a short cut from the rooms through the back of the hotel to access the bar and restaurant, but I would definitely suggest going the long way round!

Before our evening meal, we were given a complimentary glass of fizz in the bar area which was lovely. Large sofas and low tables made a perfect combination and the atmosphere was very cosy, especially with the pretty grounds outside of the large window. 
We chose to sit in the area just outside of the bar - though the main bar is accessible via a large ramp and the disabled toilets are also very easily accessibly in this area. 
We dined in the restaurant - a review of the food and the dining area will follow - but, as with every area of the hotel, the service was impeccable. 
After our meal and drinks, we returned to our room where I finally made use of the amazing bath and stack of treats I had brought with me, whilst Carl watched TV in the giant bed! 

Sunday morning arrived far too quickly!! As Carl finds it difficult to get up early in a morning, I rang the reception to see if breakfast could be delivered to our room. I was concerned as the guest book did say guests should order cooked breakfast the evening before - however, even on a Sunday, this was not mentioned. We were offered a full Yorkshire breakfast, hot and cold drinks and even a selection of continental choices or cereal if we would like. We both chose the Yorkshire breakfast with coffee and juice which was delivered to our room at our requested time of 9:30am. 

When it came to checking out, we were again greeted at the reception by name and asked about our stay and our journey back home. When we told the reception staff we were going to have a drink in the bar, they immediately offered to keep our bags in the reception area and out of the way for us. 
I asked if the bar was open yet, and the response was simply 'It most definitely can be' - and, as if by magic, by the time check out was complete a member of staff was waiting there for us. 
Not only did he ask about our stay and our journey home, he also provided us with complimentary bottles of mineral water to stay refreshed during the drive, which I thought was a lovely touch!! 

All in all, I have genuinely never been so impressed with the levels of customer service we received during our stay at Ox Pasture Hall. The staff went above and beyond to ensure our stay was a good one. Their suggestions with regards to any form of access were discreet, yet appreciated and really did make a huge difference to our experience. 
The hotel is beautiful. Cosy, yet spacious (I didn't even know that was a thing?!) and the atmosphere is so relaxing - it's just perfect. 

Whilst exploring the grounds in full would have been more difficult for us, we were impressed with everything we could access. Lots of people staying the weekend we were there were out on walks during the day - which we heard the staff recommending, and also questioning how they found them on the return. 

Whilst the wifi signal in the room wasn't great (though not through lack of trying from the staff), it was actually really very nice to be slightly cut off from the internet - making the break one of true relaxation. Also, don't panic if this isn't your idea of relaxation. In the bar, restaurant and areas surrounding there is full, free wifi so you are never far from having some! (I believe they are working on getting a full signal in the rooms too, but I dare you to try without it!) 

I would recommend Ox Pasture to anybody. Since my return, a few people have mentioned they are attending weddings there and I can fully understand why. It's perfect, the staff are beyond excellent, the food is beautiful and the surroundings are idyllic. Literally, the only thing I would change is that next time I would stay longer. 

Ox Pasture Hall kindly offered a stay in a King size Suite to myself and Carl, however, the views in this review are completely my own and the absolute truth!! 

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