Saturday, 20 June 2015


A whole year has passed since our Wedding Day
I feel like I've documented every month, and I still have things to say.

We brought the day forward, so you could still walk
You said the most important words whilst you could still talk.

The day was amazing and my favourite memory.
It was all about family and friends, you and me.

This year has passed by like time through our fingers
Is it when you're trying to stop time that it decides not to linger?

A Bali bed for your 30th, and we've seen elephants in Thailand.
I'm so glad that we've traveled, it's not so scary when we're holding hands.

The tans did fade, but the memories will last forever
Locked safely in my heart, the most important treasure.

Your rule is to live for the present, the here and the now
You've said 'Why worry about the future'... so many times, I think I've forgotten how.

During the bad times, I'll admit I've screamed 'Why you, why me?'
Especially in January when for a short time, two almost became three.

But side by side, we will never give up the fight
The hardest time of all is when we turn out the light.

We whisper to each other in the dark, our biggest hopes and fears.
It's the 'Don't ever leave' conversation that always reduces me to tears.

Crying does happen, frustration, pain and despair
I hate it when people talk to me like you aren't even there

Strangers will ask - 'Are you his carer... oh you're his wife'
It always surprises me that they need to know so much about our life....

'It's Human nature', you say, 'for people to stop and look'
'Just keep writing about it, it's content for your book'

I know it's true love, that you let me write my thoughts for all to see.
You would probably prefer privacy, but you just want to make me the best version of me.

You are my hero, my soulmate, my very best friend
This rollercoaster of a year is coming to an end.

Our dream for the future is simple, no matter what we have been told,
All we really want is to still hold hands when we are old.

And no matter what we've been through, I'd choose you in any life
For the best day I've had was a year ago, when I became your wife.


  1. That's really beautiful Amy x (Trish, Ruth's mum)

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  3. You've made me cry again. Beautiful words. Stay strong and thinking of you both x


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