Monday, 25 May 2015

In front of the sand

What makes a moment a moment and a thing you want to last?
Is it something that you always want to remember, is it more than just your past?

Is it something you should capture through a camera lens...
Collect mementos and receipts and write about it with pens.

Do you know its happening whilst its taking place
Or is it later that you wish it happened without so much haste?

I've realised you need to look further than in front of your face
Just like I did with this picture of me - smiling in a sunny place.

I am so happy, standing there in front of the sand
but the person who made it has the camera in his hand

There's no muscles left,  he can't lift his arm.
His fingers are too bent to hold the phone in his palm.

Yet he took this picture, the very first time
He caught me laughing, caught the moment in it's prime

At the time I didn't realise what this photo would mean
The moment could have just passed, no memory would have been.

Yet its so much more than what you see here
For the photographer has hope, he hides his fear

Holding the camera to take it took all of his might
It helps me to remember he wont ever give up the MND fight.

So the memories, the moments, they aren't always planned.
Sometimes they just happen, like the picture in front of the sand.

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  1. A beautiful picture and a beautiful poem. My hat is off to you :)

    Shannon xx |


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