Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Recently, I've been reading a lot of blog posts from bloggers trying to either justify or define what they are doing.
It has made me panic about what I am doing over here...

I started blogging in 2011. Compared to some of the big boys, this was pretty late but I was still having a good old go at it. Thing was, life got in the way and I sacked it off.
When I decided to have another try, I wanted a fresh new start and began from scratch.
I know I don't post enough and I know sometimes the content I do post can be quite niche.
I am stuck in the really awkward place of wanting to write, write, write and wondering if people will read, read, read. After all, the likes of Zoella didn't get their million pound mansions by warbling on about life did they?

I did try beauty reviews... I tried book reviews... I tried OOTD... But none of them were really working for me. I still wanted to write.
I literally couldn't dedicate the time to the reviews that they deserved and that other people were putting into them. And anyway, I needed to get things off my chest, man.

I decided to bite the bullet and do just that. I wanted to make this blog a little piece of me on the internet that people could either read or not read, be interested in or not give a shit. But then (a lot) people did read it. They liked it, they emailed me, they commented, they told me I WAS TALENTED. The numbers just kept on creeping up and up and I litro couldn't believe so many people would take the time to look at these words on this page.

I started referring to myself AS A BLOGGER. Hell, I decided I was going to make myself a blogging station with an Ikea white desk, shit loads of motivational postcards and loads of kilner jars full of daffodils. I was planning this merry little area and ALL of the Insta pictures I could take of it to make me look oh so down with the blogeratti when, somewhere inside a little monster said WHAT IF THE PEOPLE DONT LIKE WHAT YOU WRITE NEXT AND SOCIAL MEDIA IGNORES YOU AND YOUR WHITE DESK EXPLODES.
Erm. So yeah, that worried me.

And then you are back to square one. Where do you go next? 
Of course, I write about life because my life is generally different to the next persons, whilst at the same time - exactly the same. I want to raise awareness. I want people to understand how different people live.... But I want to talk about the normal things too. I love writing them down. I love getting them out of my head. But do people need to know what's inside my head?! 

I work in marketing, specialising in social media. I mean a few years ago, that wasn't even a thing and yet now I spend hours every day teaching people everything from how to tweet to the importance of working with bloggers... etc.... I understand it. I get paid because I can make other people get likes and followers and ALL THE SOCIAL HAPPINESS. Which makes me never able to distance myself from it either. 
How is it so much easier to market something you have nothing to do with, yet when it comes to marketing yourself you would rather sit in a corner typing away praying EVERYBODY will love your words, but at the same time, hoping NOBODY ever sees them in case they don't?!  

All I want is to write. That's all. Well that, and for people to read it. And to post all of the nice pictures of all of the nice things. (Like the beautiful one below of my feet taken from an artistic angle that took 1137 attempts)  PLEASE READ MY WRITING LOLZ. No, really. I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to. 
PLS DO. Fucks sake. 

Yeah, so, if you're still sticking around.... Thanks. I think I will just keep going... for the time being... 

*Sends 'FULL TIME BLOGGER' sweater to the charity shop*
*Pretends blogging area doesn't exist*
*sets up 156 Instagram pics. LIKE FOR LIKE. Lolz*

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  1. We love the way you write Aimsui! By the way1137 attempts was worth it because that picture is spot on! Perfect balance of shoe, bag...!

    M + K


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