Monday, 19 January 2015

Beanies coffee

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Beanies Coffee and asked if I would like to sample some of their flavoured coffees.

I love coffee and was buying one every morning from various shops, however I generally stayed clear of the versions flavoured with syrups because I know how bad they are for you.... So I was over the moon to find Beanies coffees are VERY low in calories -less than two per serving!!! 
They pride themselves on being chemical, syrup and sugar free, whilst also being suitable for vegan and vegetarians..... The little angels! 

50g jar - £2.50 
Lovely, warming gingerbread taste. Perfect for a winter morning pick me up before work! 

50g jar - £2.50 
Has a lovely sweet taste (how do they do that with no added sugar?!) and definitely doesn't need sugar adding to it! As with all of the variants I tried, the coffee strength is medium, and this is a lovely delicate coffee taste. 

50g jar - £2.50 
I loved hazelnut flavoured coffee, it always reminds me of toblerone, so I was looking forward to trying this one. As all of the coffees are instant, I was worried they may taste slightly synthetic or not as luxurious as fresh coffee - but that's not the case with these at all. I really enjoyed this one. 

50g jar - £2.50 
My favourite of all! A mocha treat without the calories and perfect for a chocolate fix without any guilt! 

At less than two calories per serving, I think these flavoured coffees are the perfect new year treat. 
I have promised to cut down on caffeine this year, and am over the moon to find out that beanies also now have a range of decaf flavours I will be purchasing soon! 


  1. These look lovely and cant believe how low in calories they are!

    Great post!


  2. These look so nice! I can't wait to try some!

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