Wednesday, 24 December 2014

What 2014 taught me..

*Fairytale Weddings - the ones you actually dream about - really do come true
* Bungalows are amazing - WHO EVEN NEEDS STAIRS ANYWAY
*Family and Friends are there for you no matter what
* Strangers can be incredibly kind
*Being a little famous, even for a few minutes, is daunting....but the best!
*Wine genuinely isn't my friend
*Prosecco on the other hand....
*Time goes far too quickly when all you want is for it to slow down
*True love, like the love Carrie Bradshaw talks about, exists
*Crying can be exhausting
*Hollyoaks is the best programme on TV
*Your Mum is always right. Always. It's best to just listen the first time round and act accordingly and then you don't get hurt by the nasties.
*You don't need a makeover in the real MAC for it to be the best day ever
*Finding out you will be an Auntie is THE BEST EVER
*Watching the ALS Ice Bucket challenge donations hit 1 million was more emotional than I ever thought it could be.
*Seeing Carl watch the videos dedicated to him was even worse!
*I spend far too much time choosing fabric softener
*Football isn't so bad when you are a VIP
*Old people do not like me
*Seeing my Husband in a wheelchair was emotional for all of the right reasons. He is smiling!
*Seeing my husband smash his head open - twice - knocks the breath right out of my lungs
*Thailand is as good as people say it is.
*Memories last forever
*The Ritz is as fancy as I ever dreamed it would be
*My Husband is the most handsome man in the world. He shines through the disease that's taking over his body and he always will.
*I am stronger than I thought I ever could be

Thank you for the lessons 2014. I'm ready for 2015!

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