Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Final Bathbomb! - Mini Lush Haul

Our new bungalow doesn't have a bath! Our bathroom is due to be adapted to have a wet room, so, on my last night in our first house I decided on a mini Lush haul for my final bath time! 

I was recommended all of the products below by the girl in Lush, who said I should be celebrating my final bath time :) 

I was told this bath bomb takes a HUGE three hours to make. It's a glittery present which contains tiny little bath bombs. The whole thing is a colour and glitter explosion! 

The Celebrate body lotion and First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder are all from the same range as the bath bomb, and are all made to compliment each other.... However, when I had finished bathing, moisturising, powdering and preening I swanned down stairs, feeling excellent.... only to be told 'You smell like I've got a headache' from my adoring Husband.... 
Maybe next time, I will use each product one at a time! 

All products are limited edition, from the Christmas range, and are available RIGHT NOW in Lush. 


  1. Oh I couldn't live without my bath I don't like showers haha. I acutally didn't rent the most lovely house because it didn't have a bath. Your bath looks like heaven I would have done the same as you . Great post xox

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