Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Our New Home

I haven't had the chance to post much over the past week as we have moved house and have no WiFi! 21st Century probs!! 

However, I have taken lots of pictures and have included a few here so you all know what I have been up to :) 
I have tried to reference where things are from, when I can, but as I have been collecting things for a few months they might not all still be available. 
There's still a couple of rooms to do, but here's the first few.... 

Our bedroom - I wanted a yellow, grey, silver and turquoise colour scheme. 
Of course, this isn't finished yet but I was so fussy, I even dressed to match it! 

1. Most pictures are from Next! 
2. Teddy puggle
3. Bedding, throw and cushion - all Asda
4. Entire outfit - Primark 

More bedroom! - My Dressing table. 
This computer table was left behind so I made the most of it :) 
I used the glass top and trays underneath to make a feature of my wedding shoes, garter and tiara. 
The wallpaper is just what's there at the moment, that will change! 

1. Giant silver A - Asda, mirror - Matalan, trinket box - Matalan. 
2. Small owl candle - Primark, Festive jar candle - M&S
3. Wedding shoes - Bourne

We are lucky enough to have a summer house complete with it's own bar, which I am absolutely loving making so cosy!! 

Queen Bee mug - Asda

A Selection of things old and new here! The cushions are all Next, as are the coasters (just seen) 

1. Love Lights - Primark 
2. Bottle - Next, Straws - Tk. Maxx, Letters - handmade by a friend
3. Reindeer - TK Maxx, Rugby Ball - won at auction, signed by Hull FC! 

The living room - we have gone with a mix of red, grey, white and black so far. 
I've even been allowed a tiny touch of Christmas!! 

1.When I Saw You cushion - Next 
2. Squirrel Vase - Next 
3. Love Heart Coasters - Primark 
4. Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe cushion - Next. 

The kitchen - needs decorating, so just a few things were adding to make it ours :) 

1. Pig Out Chopping board - Next 
2. Save Water, Drink Champagne tea towel - Primark 
3. Moving flowers from my Husband! 
4. Yours, Mine glasses, Egg House and Chopping board - all Next 

I hope you love our new house as much as I do :) x


  1. You home looks stunning it always takes forever to get stuff sorted when you move I hate it , with us renting we seemed to have moved loads of times. xox


    1. How lovely, thank you! Yes, it's not quite there yet, lots of stuff hidden in the loft too! xx

  2. Lovely photos. xx


  3. I love the color scheme of your bedroom and how you depicted it!
    Thank you so much for your follow on Bloglovin!
    I followed you back, and I followed you on your other social media!
    I love your content! Keep it up!
    Good luck!
    Samantha @ livinonbrightside.blogspot.com

    1. ahhh thank you so much, what a lovely message :) xxx

  4. Wow such a small world but you bought this house off my sister. Love what you have done and that summer house is ace. Enjoy the bar! :) x


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