Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mini A/W Primark haul

I work a ten minute walk from Primark.... This can be a bad thing as most days, when I get out for lunch I end up in there. 
I thought it was about time I started documenting my Primark hauls properly here..... Starting with a very little mini one. 

I couldn't resist this dress, it's so cute! I was worried the light chiffony material would be too thin for winter, but I thought the navy colour with the darker and white check pattern made it slightly more autumn themed. 
I wore it today with black tights and little ankle boots. It's so unbelievably comfy and easy to wear! 
The little sleeves have just the right amount of elastic to get them a little puff, without digging in and  think the collar and bow detail is really pretty. 
Best of all? It was £3 in the sale. THREE POUNDS!! Reduced from just £13! I love it. 

Next up, I grabbed these two straight away as they looked so pretty on the stand together. I was concerned they wouldn't go, or would be too much, but I love how they look! 
I am hoping to keep them for Christmas meals in December with deep red nails, high heels and plenty of jewels, but also can't wait to wear the pieces individually. 
I think the top would look lovely with jeans, and I would love to wear the skirt with thick black tights and a chunky knit! 
Silver/Gold Metalic top with back zip detail - £10 
Rose print metallic skirt - £10 

Finally, I have to apologise for the bad photography, I didn't actually take this picture to appear on my blog, but Teddy's face is so funny peeping out from his covers I had to include it! 
These pyjamas are indeed from Primark and I love them! I bought the top in a size larger than I would usually get and am so smug with myself for doing so. so comfy and slouchy, and warm and cosy.... and festive!
I also bought reindeer print slipper socks to keep my feet warm in the shorts. Lovely! 
I can't remember how much these were, but I thnk the shorts were about £5 and the top about £8. 

Let me know what you think! 


  1. My fav is the skirt, I am so pleased I don't work near a Primark hehe xox

  2. Nice finds, especially the skirt. Your dog is so cute lol


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