Sunday, 16 November 2014

Life through my iPhone lens...

I found that the last time I did a photo heavy post a lot of people commented and said they liked that kind best.... as I love photos.... I decided to do another :) 
Here's my week in photos.... 

1. Cosy Sunday morning
2. I've been wearing chunky knits, this fur gillet and cute skirts and tights constantly! 
3. Titanic on a Sunday night. 

1. Small & Ted have a sleep in
2. Fleece pyjamas, carbs and cheese
3. Catch up with these faves

1. New signs hanging at the summer house window
2. Little bar buffet :) 
3. Too fussy with fairy lights and corks in my ice bucket! 

1. Small doesn't like selfies
2. #TeamGib wrist bands are here!
3. Teddy isn't so sure about his new coat.....

1. Our very own Monty and Mabel
2. Housewarming roses
3. The best ice cream ever. 

We went back to 1884 again! The service was absolutely unbelievable, I will recommend this place forever.
1. Mussels
2. Us
3. Fillet and mac n cheese

And finally, over on Social Media this was happening..... 

I hope you enjoy these photo heavy blog posts! I just find that's the best way to describe a week sometimes! 

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  1. Aw love this post I love the see family pics like this makes a difference from the norm kinda posts. Love it xox


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