Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Grazia #WhatToDoThisWeek

I am very excited to have been chosen as the regional blogger for Grazia's online #WhatToDoThisWeek campaign! 

Seeing my sparkling profile on Grazia makes me so fussy, and having recommendations of what to do in Hull that week makes me even fussier!!

This week's recommendation is the Dancing Goat Coffee House.
I visited the shop when it very first opened and indulged in their 'make your own hot chocolate' - I think it was probably for the children, but it kept me happy for ages!

Since then, I have been back for a Mother's Day afternoon tea, take out sandwiches, coffees, cakes and much more.
I was over the moon to find out not only have they got an outside area which is sheltered from the rain, it's adorned with fairy lights and even has cosy blankets to keep you warm.

Just lovely!

If you would like to be recommended, please just drop me a line! I would love to visit as many places as possible :)

I chose to recommend the Dancing Goat, they did not request or pay for this recommendation. 

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