Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dear MND......

My first question has to be, why do you choose the people you do? Why would you ruin sports peoples careers, leave children without parents or wives without husbands?

In asking why, the next thought is always "well what if it was somebody else." I wouldn't wish you on my worst enemy, but I would do anything in my power to get you out of my husband. 

I never knew what hate was until I met you. I never knew how it causes bitterness, jealousy and pain. 
But it's you hate, and I won't let you make me feel those things. I won't be bitter about the people who are having the 'worst day ever' because their washing machine has broken.  
I never experienced those feelings before. I was, and still am, the one who feels like the world is against me when I forget my umbrella, so you will not turn me into somebody who can only see you and nobody else's feelings. 

You may take attack nerves, you may destroy muscles and think you have left a shell of a person behind, but that really isn't the case. I truly believe that MND warriors are the strongest people I have ever met.
You think that by stripping a person of their voice, they cannot communicate. You are so wrong. Eyes are the window to the soul and we just find different ways of speaking. You can read a million thoughts and feelings just through a person's eyes. 
Watch a 29 year old man find a new place for his wife to rest her head because the muscle in his chest has wasted away, and you will see determination on a whole new level. 

I think, what you need to realise is, people with a terminal disease are not dying. They are fighting to live. 

You have picked the best of the best, and they won't go down without a fight. And when you pick a fight with the best of the best, they generally have a whole army behind them. When one person falls. The rest are there to pick them up and allow them to continue. 
You may be winning the battles at the moment, but you shouldn't have taken on Team Gib.  

We will never stop fighting. Ever.


We have set #TeamGib up to help Carl with the things he will need to help him fight his battle. Everything from house adaptations, to a wheelchair, to all of the things he should and will do. 
If you would like to make a donation, please just click here -
The photo you see on the page is one of Carl's favourites, captured doing what he loves and what he now can only dream about. 
Thank you for all of your donations so far xx

I thought long and hard about writing this blog post. One of my main concerns was that I didn't want to start a letter with 'dear MND'. It sounded too nice and polite, and every time I sat down to write it it annoyed me too much to carry on. 
However, I saw that Beth had written a letter and it made me realise that it actually sounded strong. I needed to have a word with MND so, like Beth, I did! 

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  1. You my friend are a very strong human being!!! Never stop fighting! Xxx


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