Sunday, 12 October 2014

This weekend I've been.....

*Helping my husband set up #TeamGib's Social Media and fundraising pages.
*Trying to relax in a Lush bath bomb bath
*Loving walking the dog in crisp Autumn weather, at any time of the day
*Wearing an oversized scarf like a blanket
*Catching up with friends at 1884 Dock Street Kitchen
*Eating posh mac n' cheese, strawberries and chocolate soil
*Drinking Pinot Grigio
*Snuggling in a fleece, bear print jumper
*Watching X Factor
*Sleeping as much as we can
*Watching the dog trying to eat conkers
*Welcoming guests! My mum, and friends, for coffee and cake
*Eating steak, chips and chocolate brownies
*Buying festive signs from a cute gift shop
*Ordering #TeamGib wrists bands, and being overwhelmed by the support
*Wishing it wasn't Sunday night
*Hoping Monday brings news of a move in date

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