Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Published on Cosmopolitan.co.uk !

Cosmo has been my Holy Grail for as long as I can remember, so when I saw they were accepting submissions from readers for their website I jumped at the chance. 
The subject was simply '800 words on something you feel strongly about' . As with many of the things I write on my blog at the moment, I literally poured all of my thoughts and feelings into the form on the submission page and clicked send. 
That was back in February and I actually forgot I had sent it until they contacted me, telling me they were using it on the site! 
It was an absolute dream to hear somebody from Cosmopolitan telling me they had only made a minor edit because they thought the piece worked so well! 
It's now live on the site. I have no idea how many people have read the piece, but I do know it's been shared 1.8k times directly from the site. To me, this is absolutely unbelievable. The piece is incredibly close to my heart and is based on raising awareness, so knowing so many people have taken the time to read it and share it feels amazing. 
You can read my piece here 
Please do feel free to share it! 

Since I wrote it, I have got married, so I do think there will be a follow up piece on the way soon from me. Who knows.... I might even get in the magazine next time! 

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