Monday, 18 August 2014

This weekend I've been...

*Finding out what it feels like to have to ring an ambulance when your Husband is lying on the floor outside with blood soaking a towel under his head.
*Keeping my hands from shaking as I try to dial the numbers I can't see because it's too early to have contact lens in.
*Wondering WHY the ambulance didn't turn it's sirens on like in the films whilst we are stuck in traffic.
*Feeling overwhelmed that the situation wasn't deemed as critical, but still desperately wanting more urgency to fix it.
*Arriving at A&E to be met by my mum.
*Trying to bite my tongue and gripping the end of the bed with all my might on realising the Doctors have absolutely no idea what MND is.
*Staring at my battered converse outside the head scan room.
*Watching the colour return to Carl's face.
*Climbing through the window of my own house when the house sitters (my BFFS) locked themselves in (long story)
*Setting my alarm to wake up during the night to make sure Carl was doing OK
*Eating sausage, bacon and eggs and realising we had eaten nothing but my mum's tuck shop picnic the day before.
*Realising cleaning the entire house is very therapeutic
*Eating pizza
*Eating another fry up with my mum and dad
*Laughing my way around Asda with them.
*Looking forward to using my new juicer and get lots of fresh juices and goodness into us.
*Eating fish and chips from the box with Carl
*Leaving Carl at his mum and dads for plenty of rest
*Going back to my very empty, but very clean house.
*Trying to relax in the bath, then getting out to barricade the (still broken) back door with a selection of items such as the clothes horse and a bar stool
*Wondering WHY people are being so negative about the Ice Bucket Challenge.
*Wanting to tell the World that ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease and Motor Neurone Disease are all the same thing.
*Going to bed on my own with a book about a WAG
*Feeling a lot better than I did on Friday and looking forward to seeing my brave Husband again tonight.
*Loving that Fred Marketing are doing this

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  1. I'm really waiting for this, absolutely. I love the films about the war, because if we speak about it, we'll remember this and it means, we'll never forget it and it'll never happen again. But until the moment I'll watch it, I'll enjoy every single video of girl live webcams. If you're waiting for it as much as I do, you have to go with me and let's watch all together.


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