Monday, 11 August 2014

Rose Tint....

I don't know whether I am ashamed or excited to say... I am finally on the rose gold band wagon! 
I generally tend to wear a big mix of jewellery all in one go and I don't mind about colour matching at all.... But just recently, I realised that rose gold has never been on my list! 

For my Birthday, my Husband surprised me and took me out to choose a new watch. I was instantly drawn to the Michael Kors ones as I (thought) I had wanted one for AGES..... 

I just couldn't quite decide on a style though.... and on the way out I spotted this Marc Jacobs beauty. Rose gold, with pink stones... and it's called Amy! A match made in heaven! 

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Amy Glitz Watch 
Whilst I don't mind mixing and matching jewellery colours, my new watch did look a little lonely in all it's rose gold glory, so I decided to use some of my birthday money to treat myself to these Michael Kors earrings. They are little round studs with the MK in the middle.

Micheal Kors Logo Stud Earrings
I'm baffled as to why it has taken me this long to get on board with this trend! It's my new obsession and I have already ordered a second bracelet which is on it's way. 
Life is really very pretty when it's rose tinted ;) 

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