Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My First #nofilter

I love photos, but much like singing, dancing and talent in general, I am not that good at them.
Still, everybody loves a trier (You have not lived until you see me 'perform' You Raise Me Up) and I take photos of pretty much everything, and generally fib about the circumstances they were taken in after filtering them to death (see Insta V Life).
HOWEVER, since Carl's fall, I have turned over a new a leaf which includes 5:30am (mostly 6:15am) dog walks. Today I traipsed through a little walk way I found and then I saw this..... I took the picture and marched off with the intention of filtering it at home. I'm sure photographers will tell me otherwise, but for a capture the moment snap with #nofilter on an iPhone, I am real proud of myself!
To counteract it, I then took this fully posed photo and filtered it to death.

By the way, when did Autumn mornings arrive?!

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