Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Homeware Haul Wish List

One - Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker 
Because who could have their own bar without a cocktail shaker... and why have a normal cocktail shaker when you can have this one?!

Two - Sitting Buddha
My Mum, My Grandad, Thailand, Peace.

Three - Polar Cream Faux Fur Throw 
For the nights in the summer house when the time ebbs away and the night brings the chill.

Four - Hanging Tea Light Bubbles
For the balmy evenings, so magical that flames could sit inside bubbles

Five - Copper Foil Poster
Because there will never be a day where we don't laugh a little

Six -Two Person Picnic Hamper
Because even if you are at the bottom of your garden, a picnic basket turns lunch into an adventure

Seven - Ditsy Duvet Set 
To bring the outside in when duvet days are essential

Eight - Bubblegum Pink Charcoal BBQ
If I'm going to BBQ, I'm going to BBQ like Barbie.

Nine - Cream Camera
Because pictures mean the World to me....A reminder I must get a 'proper' camera!

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  1. Love the poster :)
    best, lou.


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