Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Wedding Blog One... The Small Things....

Hello :) 

I orginally was going to put all of my wedding pics into one blog post, but as I started collecting them altogether, I realised, the post would take me about three days and I'm not sure it would be that interesting all in one go..... (yes, in managable chunks I can just about make it interesting!) 

So, here's blog number one - the small things that made a big difference to our fairytale.... and a sneak peak of the bridesmaids! 
The whole ceremony and reception was at St. Peter's Chuch, Rowley and Rowley Manor


1. The most important date of the year! 
2. My photographer borrowed my engagement ring whilst I was having my makeup done and made this beautiful scrabble surprise. 
3. I had Wedding Day Yankee Candles burning in the bridal suite and the smell was amazing! 
4, 6, 7. My mum had collected things to hide in the trees for months. It was lovely when people spotted them! 
5. My Dad made this amazing sign himself and got up at 4am to put them on the route to the Wedding for out of town guests. Everybody commented on them! 
8. We had little signs dotted about the venue, this one was at the gate to the Church.
9. Candles in jars and sparkles on old stone walls glittered all day. 

1. My mum's friend saved random glass jars for months.My mum cleaned them up and removed the labels, and decorated them with lots of its and pieces. 
2. So many people commented on our emergency kit which we left in the ladies toilets. Deodrant, hairspray, lip balm, makeup wipes and plasters went down a storm! 
3. I bought 20 pairs of £1 flip flops from Primark and put them in the ladies dressing room area. By the end of the day, lots of people had kicked their heels off and replaced them with dancing shoes! 
4. We gave guests tiny metal buckets of confetti and miniature bottles of bubbles. The buckets were later used to collect sweets from the sweet trolley, but that's another blog post.... 

1. I Do on the bottom of my shoes, added a bit of sparkle and covered something blue, too!
My shoes are from Bourne
2. My bouquet - Thank you to The Floral Lounge
3. A sneaky shot of my Victoria's Secret lingerie which was purchased for me on my hen do. 
4. My (then!) Fiance had chocolates, champagne and a diamond necklace delivered to my room..... They also came with a handwritten card which meant the World to me as MND has stopped him being able to write. The whole room cried xx

Finally, my beautiful bridesmaids and my pastel colour scheme! 
As you can see, the girls all wore the same dress in a different pastel colour, which was then represented in their flowers and my bouquet. 
Their dresses and flowers were the only things that were the same, they all chose their own hair style, shoes and jewellry as it was important to me that their personalities shone through. 
The colours on the pictures aren't too bright, but I chose pink, peach, mint and baby blue. 

That's all for now, but I will continue posting pictures from my wedding over the next few weeks.... followed by a few sneaky honeymoon shots too! 

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  1. This is lovely, I also got married at Rowley Manor in March and it's a fabulous place. You looked stunning. Hannah x


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