Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Isa Marie Skincare

I've been on a detoxing mission for the past few weeks, swapping naughty food for healthy treats and fizzy drinks for water, all with THE BIG DAY (and the honeymoon) in mind.

I had been thinking about trying some new, natural beauty products and was thrilled when the lovely Marianne from Isa Marie Skincare sent me the most beautiful, handmade products to try out.

Floral Toner Spray - 
Lavender & Lemon Bath Salts - £7.00
Literally cannot wait to try these! Just click here to read about all of the detoxifying properties! Amazing.

Floral Toner Spray -
Lavendar & Lemon Bath Salts - 
Peach Lip Balm - £3.00
Lemon Bath Truffle - £6.00 for 3

Isa Marie Skincare was born when Marianne had a close look at some of the ingredients in some of the products she was using and realised she thought some of the chemicals could be replaced with something far more natural. 
She did her research (which is far too technical for me!) and the Isa Marie Skincare range was born shortly after. 
I will be reviewing all of my products over the next few days and I've already got my eye on virtually everything else on the site, especially the salt body scrub! 

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