Monday, 14 April 2014

Because... I'm worth it?!

Reverse washing. It just doesn't quite sound right does it?! Why would you wash something... in reverse?! 

Since having my extensions taken out, my hair has actually had a whole new lease of life.... It feels so much better.... but. No matter what I do to it in a morning, it's beautiful, bouncy kick has gone by 9:15 on the dot. 

I read a million and one blog posts about L'oreal Fibrology thickening and volumising hair, so I popped out and bought the ENTIRE range. It worked! It seriously did. One day, my hair even went from limp to verging on unruly. I loved it..... though I did notice when using the serum it left an odd white mark on the very tips of my hair. Almost like I'd dipped it in paint. Not ideal. 

Anyway, so then I started craving MORE. I couldn't miss REVERSE WASHING all over the BBs this weekend so I gave it a try. Honestly, I'm mental. I used the Fibrology shampoo and conditioner and I used it BACKWARDS. I could hardly believe it myself..... 

I could also hardly believe the results! My hair was sleek yet volumised, thick and glossy. It backcombed beautifully and didn't drop all day. 

So the moral of this very short story is - trust beauty bloggers. Even if they tell you to do something as INSANE as washing your hair backwards - it works! 

I'm not going to take 4000 selfies, but here's one of me when I haven't even done my hair. I have literally washed, dried and brushed. IT'S SO BIG. 


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