Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Save The Blow Dry!

You probably already know by now, but I wear hair extensions. I've tried time and time again to leave them out, but I always end up back in the salon chair at Hair Rebellion asking for them to be put straight back in!
My latest are 20' pre bonded Peruvian hair. They are absolutely beautiful quality and I needed to keep them this way for as long as possible.
When I don't have them in, I tend to wash my hair every day, but I know how damaging this is for the extensions. I was having serious problems keeping any sort of volume in them during my shower in a morning so I was over the moon when Save The Blow Dry sent me one of their shower caps to review!

They say -
The Moisture Eliminating Queen of Shower Caps!
No more frizz or flattened hair horrors!

I Say -
I was dubious at how this could be any different to any other shower cap at first.
I was wrong!
Firstly, the Save the Blow Dry cap is huge! It tucks all of my extra hair extensions in, and protects them fully from the shower which is something I have struggled with in the past.
This shower cap has a water proof outerlayer with a soft, absorbent towelling inner layer which absorbs moisture and stops it getting to your blow dy. Absolute genius!

Day One

Day Two.
Hanging in there!

Day three.

Tried & Tested full verdict

Save the Blow Dry did just that. Whilst I had to add a touch of dry shampoo for extra volume on day 2 and wash my fringe and add product on day 3, my blow dry stood the test of time it wouldn't usually with a normal shower hat. I'm a convert and my extensions are lasting longer than ever before!

For an extra special treat, you can even turn the cap inside out and use a moisturising treatment on your hair, though this is not suggested to people using bonded hair extensions.

Save The Blow Dry Checklist

For maximum benefits, follow the simple checklist!

1. Brush hair.

2. If hair is long, gently clip up with a clasp or slide.

3. Push any stray strands up into hat and ensure the hair line is covered.

4. Happily bathe or shower, whilst looking super cute!

5. Dry your body and face before removing SAVE THE BLOW DRY™ !

6. Shake SAVE THE BLOW DRY™ ! To remove excess water and ideally hang up to dry.

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