Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas...... the Cambridge way!

It was so nice to get away this weekend and have some festive fun with the Giblin's, the Borgi's and the Martin's!

Cambridge is a very pretty little place and we were welcomed with intense central heating, intensely hot curry and plenty of laughs.

Christmas market

Doug the Pug

Boys doing what boys do best

Mulled wine brewwwwing!

Festive phone case!

Ear Muffs & Chunky Scarves

Just busy being engaged
It was just lovely to have a wander around Christmas markets, a beautiful shopping centre and for the biggest burgers I've seen on day one.
I don't think anybody will forget the Acid Street Parade, or Doug the Pug's electric scooter....
Day two involved more shopping for cheese from cheese stalls, handmade bracelets for friends, perfect presents for family and a text showing the mulled wine and the words 'Christmas has started'........ back to the house for homemade shepherds pie with all the trimmings, cheeeeese and a Christmas tree which definitely was not 'gusting.......
Being able to spend time with little Jude and Suree reminded me how exciting Christmas is for the babies and how much fun it can be to call girls 'Carl' and boys 'Charlotte'...... Nobody can get cross when the first thing they hear in a morning is the sound of Jude squealing with happiness trying to make his chunky little legs keep up with Suree!
Sending the boys out on a Saturday night to the pub gives the girls invaluable chat time, conversations and advice from friends are just priceless :)
All in all, Christmas the Cambridge way was, quite literally, the most warming experience!
Now time for Hull to give Christmas it's best shot.
Let's go 375!

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