Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Round Up!

Before Christmas kicks in and the New Year Resolutions start I just wanted to round up 2013 in pictures. 
I haven't edited the pictures anymore, or done anything special to them. I haven't even chosen a selection of specific events or times. I've just chosen pictures which sum up my year! 

Looking back to NYE 2012, I know for a fact I said the words '2013 bring it on'. I cannot believe I was quite so cocky! I'm not sure what I thought 'it' was, but 2013 knew and absolutely brought it....

2013 has been the best, and the worst, year of my life. 
I fell in love, got a dog, and a house and a diamond! 
I've experienced pain like I've never felt before, but before my heart had the chance to break, I felt the best feeling of love ever to stick it back together. 
It might be true that only the strongest soldiers get the toughest battles, but even the strongest soldiers need an army behind them. 
This year has proved I have everybody I need, right where I need them. 

When I've heard people asking for health and happiness for their family and friends and nothing else, I've often wondered why they don't want something more exciting. 
2013 may have brought it on, but believe me, all I want for 2014 is health and happiness for everybody I love. 
Oh. And a fairytale wedding would be nice, too ;) x 

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