Thursday, 28 November 2013

Scruffy Chops!

We've had Freddie for almost 4 months now and have never given him a bath. This pampered pooch has always been to the dog groomers and returned smelling like a powder puff! Whilst it's a lovely luxury, we wanted to be able to bath him at home ourselves and were delighted when Scruffy Chops sent us some very flash shampoo and condition for him! 

They say  - 'Wash your dog in this stuff and as well as having a sparkling healthy coat, they will smell good enough to eat! (don't!)
We say - We were very impressed that Rhubarking Mad has 98% natural ingredients, including dead sea minerals and oatmeal. It lathered up better than my own shampoo and smelt amazing!! Like the old fashioned rhubarb and custard sweets and a proper treat for Freddie!
They say - 'Dead sea mud and minerals make it deeply hydrating and smoothing, oatmeal, shea butter, aloe vera and jojoba seed oil work hard to keep your dogs skin healthy, hydrated and irritant free'
We say - The lovely smell of coconut took me back to my holiday and I couldn't wait for my dog to smell like my holiday!! The conditioner also lathered well from a small amount and was easy to rinse out, which was a great help as, at this point, Freddie was starting to get fed up in the bath!

Unfortunately, by the time Fred had finished his bathtime 'ordeal' all he wanted to do was run around the house causing havoc and I couldn't dry him and make him lovely and fluffy and smell him straight away. From previous experience with my family dog, I would expect a nasty wet dog smell, but this wasn't the case. Fred smelt lovely and clean, even when very soggy.
Today, Freddie has the most lovely shiny, soft and glossy coat imaginable. Living in a village, he picks up a lot of mud and dirt and this all washed off easily with the Scruffy Chops products.
They are packaged in lovely, easy to use squeezy bottles and look so good they have gone on the bathroom shelf with our own products! (Fred is part of the family, after all)
I would tell anybody paying expensive grooming fees to have a look on the Scruffy Chops site to give you dog their very own at home spa - they are absolutely lovely.

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