Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Frederick Tederick The First

Back in August, CG turned up to collect me from work with the biggest surprise of my life sat on the back seat.... a Puggle Puppy! 
Aged 10 months old and rescued from the yuckiest house in yuckville, he was very shy. We had been told 'he doesn't do anything all day. Just sits there' Which is probably why the photo they were using to sell him looked like this.... 

Looking at that picture now, I can't even believe it's our dog. I'm so glad Carl went and collected the little mite before they decided to keep him. 

As I work for Fred Marketing, we called him Freddie. This has since turned into Frederick, Tederick, Freddie, Teddy, Ted and sometimes kitten..... he answers to them all when he feels like it. 

Freddie smiles when he's happy 

Freddie does not like the beach 

Freddie does like wearing D&G sunglasses. 

Freddie does not like rainy Tuesday mornings. 

Lovely Little Puggle :) 

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