Monday, 28 October 2013

Memories Make Themselves

I've been using my small head to have a small think this weekend. I was waiting and waiting for the great storm of 2013 to turn up so I could have a nice stormy weekend indoors type of memory and when it didn't happen, I started to get a little bit cross. 
Who doesn't want to sit down in front of the fire and snuggle up to watch a film, smug about the fact they are making a lovely stormy memory to talk about in years to come?! 
Well. Me, as it happens. 
When the storm didn't arrive I had the novel idea of hanging our washing out on our never used washing line. Whilst there was no rain, the wind was a little..... well windier than I expected and hanging our bed sheets out in our mini garden made us laugh our little heads off. Seriously, there's nothing funnier than 400 pegs on a bed sheet.... 
Oh wait. That's not funny to anybody but us, is it?! 
That made me realise. It's the moments that count.
I was so busy fabricating memories, I was starting to miss the moments. 
Moments like ..... Sleepy Ted with his paw stuck in his ear..... A food parcel from Big Jo so we could stay in and watch films.... personalised necklaces.... a real butchers breakfast int the Village..... a sneaky diamond ring hint and baking buns nobody could swallow..... Enjoy the moments and the memories make themselves. And if they don't? It was fun trying! 

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