Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happiness is....

So, I read Lauren Goodger's tweets this morning, as she was tweeting them. 
The (now deleted) tweets were a panic stricken rant about how she hasn't eaten for three days due to media pressure. 

Every girl knows that putting on weight generally isn't the best feeling in the World and I imagine, with the media documenting it for you, it makes it harder. BUT. Come ON Lauren Goodger! Take the rough with the smooth, eh?! You didn't mind it when you flaunted your bikini bod in the Summer and they loved it, did you?!
You have a 'million pound business'..... You are famous because of reality TV. AND THE MEDIA! 

As an abssador for Jo's Trust, I'm sure Lauren has seen people in a far worse situation than she is in. Yes, she deleted the tweets and apologised for the 'rants' but maybe somebody who is complaining about how the media perceive her should consider what she puts out in to the world of Social Media a little bit more?

Seriously, Goodger, happiness is not worrying about what the Mail Online think about you. Lets be honest, that bandage dress was God awful and your own friends should have probably told you first anyway. 
Happiness is hot chocolate and puppies.* 

*I will confirm this when I have been on holiday in a bikini in TWO WEEKS. LOL. Shit. Not laughing now. 
Soz LG. 

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